HOPE Project 2011

Project description

 Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci

Activity type: IVT – Mobility of students to practical training

Project duration: 12 months

Project title: Stjecanje i primjena praktičnih znanja i vještina kako bi se olakšao osobni razvoj

(„ Acquisition and application of practical knowledge to facilitate personal development “ )

Project number: 2011-1-HR1-LEO01-00731

Mobility period: 2 weeks (8. 10. 2011 – 22. 10. 2011)

Web: http://tssb.hr/hope-projekt-2011/

 Project goals:

  • Improving quality of learning and education of students in vocational training centre Chamber of Commerce in Leipzig
  • Upskilling practical knowledge, skills and competences
  • Gaining practical skills during practical training period.
  • Learning about educational system and working ethics of host country.
  • Improving language and social competences.

Practical training and cultural visits:

Vocational educational centre of Chamber of Commerce, Leipzig

Auto industry BMW, Leipzig

Siemens Enterprise Communications Manufacturing GmbH & Co. KG, Leipzig

Technology centre “GaraGe”, Leipzig

TE – TO Stadtwerke, Leipzig

Powerplant Lippendorf, Leipzig

Oldtimer Museum“Da Capo”, Leipzig

Technical University HTWK.

Berlin (weekend, 2 days ), Dresden

Results and outcomes:

  • gaining practical knowledge, experience and competence in working environment
  • improving language competences
  • tolerance and respect of other cultures

Project manager:

Stanislav Klouda, dipl. ing. of electrotechnics