EuroSchool project

 Project description:

 Programme:  Lifelong Learning Programme

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci

Activity type:  VETPRO

Project duration: 12 months

Project title: Unapređenje kvalitete školskog kurikuluma i uspjeha obrazovnog procesa kroz iskustvo u Velikoj Britaniji

Project acronym: EuroSchool

Project number: 2011-1-HR1-LEO03-00714

Project duration: 1 week (30.10.2011 – 06.11.2011)


 Main goal:

  • developing professional horizons of participants through methodically different and interactive approach of curriculum in Great Britain
  • disburdening and raising quality in educational process and improving school curricula of partnering institutions of this project.

Specific goals:

–observing and analysis of educational system of host country

–self-assessing personal ways of teaching

–making innovative methods of teaching

–improving school curricula for further development, innovation and good practice

–comparing knowledge about evaluation systems

–applying new knowledge for correlation of subjects in the same educational field

–learning how to connect with other educational institutions

–improving social and language competences

 Expected results:

–developing guidelines for improving school curricula

–re-evaluating the scope and parameters of making school curriculum

–developing guidelines for making school curriculum for all subjects

–developing guidelines for evaluation of students’ achievements

–exchanging knowledge and experience and using new skills and competences in practice

–critically assessing professional experience in working environment

–developing the sense of belonging to European citizenship

–transferring innovations to further development of school curriculum

–improving language competences

–improving cooperation and tolerance

–improving self-assessment skills

–developing quality cooperation with other culture and educational institutions

–implementing mobility experiences in development school curriculum

–active participations of mobility participants in developing school curriculum


Project managers:

Jadranka Junačko, dipl. librarian

Vikica Lukić, dipl. ing.