Young and Europe

 Project description:

 Programme:  Lifelong Learning Programme

Programme: Leonardo da Vinci

Activity type:  IVT – Mobility of students to practical training

Project duration: 12 months

Project title: Obogaćivanje praktičnih znanja i vještina u Strukovnom obrazovnom centru gospodarske komore i vodećim europskim poduzećima

Project acronym: Young & Europe (Mladi & Europa)

Project number: 2010-1-HR1-LEO01-00069


Mobility duration: 2 weeks (07. 11. 2010 – 20. 11. 2010.)

Partners in project

  • Technical school Slavonski Brod
  • Industrial-Craftsman’s school Slavonski Brod
  • Vitalis Betreuungsgesellschaft für Modellprojekte GmbH

The project’s goal is to improve quality learning and education of students in leading European companies and Vocational educational centres of Chamber of Commerce in Leipzig, where students will upgrade their personal knowledge, skills and competences.

The project is for the following educational fields:

Power and energy (subject: Electrical installations)

Mechanics and metal construction (subject: CNC technologies)

Electronics and automation (subject: Electronics)

Motor vehicles (subject: Car mechanics)

Main goal:

Broaden vocational horizons and improve personal training / professional knowledge, skills and competences through practical experience in practical training. Focus areas are:

–acquiring and improving practical knowledge in practical training
–support in gaining practical skills
–learning about educational system of host country
–improving social and language competences

Mobility participants

  • Technical school
    • computer technician in mechanical engineering– 3 students
    • electro technicians – 3 students
    • accompanying teacher
  • Industrial-Craftsman’s school
    • car mechanic – 3 students
    • electrician/mechatronic – 3 students
    • accompanying teacher

Places for practical training:

  • Vocational educational centre of Chamber of Commerce in Leipzig
  • Auto industry BMW
  • Siemens Enterprise Communications Manufacturing GmbH & Co. KG in Leipzig
  • Auto industry Volkswagen, Dresden
  • Technology centre ˝GagaGe˝, Leipzig
  • WWH – Werkzeug- Produktions- und Handels GmbH, Schkeuditz
  • Licht & Kraft GmbH, Leipzig
  • Bau-MSR GmbH Leipzig

 Project manager:

Vikica Lukić, dipl. ing.

Jadranka Junačko,  librarian