LdV Labin Brod

 Project description:

 Programme: Lifelong learning

Mobility period: 6.10.2009 – 10.10.2009

Web: http://tssb.hr/ldv-labinbrod/


Project partners:

Liceo scientifico Nicolò Tron, Veneto Region, Italy

Silvio de Pretto, Technical school, Italy

G.B. Garbin, Industrial school, Italy

Mate Blažin School, Labin, Croatia

Technical school, Slavonski Brod, Croatia

Main goal:

Professional development of teachers of vocational schools in the educational fields: electrotechnics, mechanical engineering and informatics through using IT technologies and improving personal knowledge and skills. This knowledge and skills will be further transferred to other teachers of our schools and our region through school workshops and regional meetings.


Technical school Slavonski Brod, Croatia:

Nada Vuković, teacher of informatics and mathematics

Slavko Vujeva, teacher of mechanical engineering group of subjects


Mate Blažin School, Labin, Croatia:

Eler Diminić, teacher of informatics and the project manager

Ivica Komadina, teacher of electro technical group of subjects